Young Boy Takes Deer To Feed Before School Everyday


This is the adorable moment that a thoughtful young boy took a blind deer to a patch of grass to allow the animal to feed.

It’s believed that the ten-year-old boy follows the same heartwarming routine before school everyday - ensuring that the animal has been fed before he sets off.

Unsurprisingly, the boy’s commendable altruism hasn’t gone unnoticed on Imgur - receiving over 500,000 views in just four hours.

Praising the boy’s kind spirit, one user wrote: ‘Some people are so awesome.

Another added: ‘Human of the day.’

It’s currently unknown where the heartwarming event took place - but many believe it to be a town in America - although the main fact of the matter is that this photo shows that the world isn’t so gloomy after all.

It’s a brilliant display of kindness - and this kid is an example to us all.