Young cancer survivor meets cast of The Snowman after missing two Christmases

By Emily Chudy, PA

A six-year-old cancer survivor met the cast of The Snowman in London after missing two Christmases in a row due to illness.

Karos Rasoul, from Clapham, was gifted the visit by Cancer Research UK as part of the launch of this year’s Children and Young People Star Awards, which recognises youths who have been diagnosed with cancer.

A previous Star Award winner himself, Karos was diagnosed with a type of kidney cancer called Wilms’ tumour in 2015 when he was two years old.

As part of the visit, he was able to re-enact some of the show’s scenes and ride alongside the Snowman in his yellow motorbike and sidecar at the Peacock Theatre.

Karos said: “It was so much fun to meet the Snowman and get to be on stage. I loved going in the motorbike and even got my own present. I can’t wait until Christmas.”

(Cancer Research UK)
(Cancer Research UK)

Fermisk Mustafa, Karos’ mother, said: “It was so wonderful to spend time with Karos and see him so happy and full of energy, after all that he’s been through. He really is an inspiration to the whole family.

“I remember the day Karos was diagnosed like it was yesterday. The hardest part was watching him in pain and being unable to help. The nurses and consultants were absolutely amazing. Without these people, my son wouldn’t be here today.

“Christmas has been tough in the past with Karos being so poorly and in and out of hospital, so today was even more special. After everything we’ve been through, it’s moments like today that we treasure forever.”

The Snowman is running at the Peacock Theatre in London until January 5.

Cast member Emanuela Atzeni said: “It was absolutely amazing to meet Karos today – he is such a character – I think he should definitely consider a career on the stage one day.”