Young couple stunned after giving birth to their second set of twins

Will Metcalfe
Jessica Phoenix and partner Liam McMahon were stunned when their twin boys Harry and Elijah, were followed by twin girls Phoebe and Aria some two years later. (SWNS)

A mum of surprise twins thought she was seeing double after she accidentally fell pregnant for a second time – with another set.

Jessica Phoenix and Liam McMahon, both 23, fell pregnant with boys Harry and Elijah just six months after getting together.

And four became six when girls Phoebe and Aria arrived two years later in September.

Both the pregnancies were unplanned and medics told them the chances of having twin boys followed by girls was rarer than being struck by lightning.

Jessica Phoenix and partner Liam McMahon with daughters Phoebe and Aria. (SWNS)

And while the pair never imagined they’d have two sets of twins this early in life, they say they wouldn’t change a thing and their perfect family feels complete.

Proud Jessica, from Deal, Kent, said: “It might not be what we had planned when we first met but we’ve got our whole family done and dusted in the space of a few years.

“Two boys, two girls, two sets of twins – it’s just the perfect package.

“We’re the perfect family to me and it feels meant to be.”

Surprise twins Phoebe and Aria shortly after they were born. (SWNS)

Chef Liam added: “To think that I’m a dad of four does feel pretty crazy.

“People my age are usually living at home with their mum and dad, just thinking about going out or going to uni.

“Having them has made me want to do more in my life. It makes me want to make them proud.”

The pair met at work in Wetherspoons four years ago, aged 19, and admit they “weren’t very good” with contraceptives.

Twins Harry and Elijah with their new sisters twin girls Phoebe and Aria (SWNS)

Bar manager Jessica broke the first pregnancy news to Liam by joking she would have to buy him a fathers’ day card.

But while they both have twins in their families, they never imagined they’d have twins until they saw two shapes on the sonogram at the 12-week scan.

The pair admit life was “crazy” while they got used to Harry and Elijah, who arrived via c-section, on February 11, 2016, at 38 weeks, weighting 5lb 1oz, and 5lb 9oz.

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Jess added: “”I’d only just got used to the idea of having one baby when I found out it was two.

“It was a bit overwhelming. I wanted boys so I was glad to find out it was boys.

“I do feel like now with the girls I appreciate them being babies more.”

Jessica found out she was pregnant again just after her sons had turned two – and while it was a shock the pair were pleased to be having ‘one more’.

She went to the scan with Liam’s sister – and within moments in realised it was twins when she saw the “two little blobs”.

Jessica said the boys love being big brothers, and have become very protective of their little sisters.

“Bringing the girls home to the boys was a lovely moment,” she said.

“The boys are really good with them. The first couple of days it was a bit of a novelty, but we soon found our feet.

“The boys will run around and help, fetching nappies or things, and they are very protective and loving.

“They are really good big brothers.”

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