Young Greyhound Becomes Guide Dog For His Own Blind Sister By Leading Her Across Busy Street

These two greyhound pups have overcome considerable odds to survive – by sticking together.

The pair were not only abandoned as newborns – left to fend for themselves – but had to contend with the fact that one of them was blind in both eyes.

But, rather than make his own way alone, the male dog decided to stick with his female companion, believed to be his sister, and teach himself how to work as a guide dog for her.

The pair, who are around five months old, were spotted slowly crossing a busy road, with the female dog resting her head on the back of the male.

Two women working for an animal shelter, near Madrid, Spain, approached the dogs, who were clearly scared.

But rather than run, the male bravely refused to leave his sister, who they then noticed was blind.

The dogs were taken to an animal shelter in the municipality of Navalcarnero, where they have are now fed and looked after.

Vets who checked the dogs confirmed that the female was blind, but that the male had become her guide and never left her side – even when he was clearly scared.

They believe that the pair are related as they seem to be the same age. Both are now putting on weight and have been named Blinder and Pipser.

The two pups at the El Refugio shelter (CEN)

Nacho Paunero, the president of El Refugio, the animal shelter that rescued the pups, said: “It is so touching that such a small dog like Pisper has been able to comprehend that they have been abandoned, that his sister can’t see and that he should stay at her side at all times to be her permanent guide and protection.

"Deeds like this remind us once more that we humans have a lot to learn from the animals who we share this planet with and that they deserve all our respect and affection, as well as our help whenever they might need it.”

The vets also added that female dog’s blindness may be caused by a virus and that, with treatment, she might regain some of her vision.

They are now hoping to find somebody who will adopt both of them.

Pipser, front, and Blinder (CEN)

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