Young Kitesurfer Makes Most of High Winds to Jump Over Brisbane Jetty

Learning that high winds were hitting the Brisbane coast on February 4, photographer Nienke Verhoef left college early to help her friend Ryan Parsons, a talented kitesurfer, achieve one of his long-held dreams: to jump Woody Point Jetty.

After setting up her camera on the jetty, Verhoef captured Parsons making a successful jump in spectacular fashion.

“He wanted to jump the jetty for a long time,” Verhoef told Storyful, “but we were waiting for the right amount of wind. So when we had the storm coming … I left school early and we made it work.”

An avid kitesurfer herself, Verhoef said she and Parsons were always trying new things for her to photograph. Credit: Nienke Verhoef via Storyful