Young Pianist Uses Flight Delay to Play Jazzy Notes on Airport Piano

A 12-year-old travelling back from Malta to Scotland was recorded at Malta International Airport on August 16 as he used the flight delay to practice a jazz theme on the piano.

The video, filmed by Daniela Mercieca, shows her son Simon focusing on a music piece, as passers-by can be seen glancing at the boy.

Mercieca told Storyful: “Simon was improvising on a theme that he recently played with a newly-formed band at a jazz camp in July.”

“When he was there he texted me, saying that it was the best week of his life, so he often plays music [that reminds] him of that week.”

Mercieca said that the family had been visiting relatives in Malta and was now returning to Scotland, where Simon attends a music school. She said that her sons had missed the piano being available to passengers when Covid restrictions were in place. Credit: Daniela Mercieca via Storyful

Video transcript