A Young Ryan Gosling TikTok Is Going Viral Again Thanks To Taylor Swift's 'I Can Do It With A Broken Heart,' And It's Perfect

 L to R: Ryan Gosling doing his opening monologue on Saturday Night Live, Taylor Swift in the Fortnight music video.
L to R: Ryan Gosling doing his opening monologue on Saturday Night Live, Taylor Swift in the Fortnight music video.

After Ryan Gosling’s SNL episode went viral, it seems the actor is continuing to blow up the internet in the best possible ways. Before Gosling was a hotshot movie star, he was known for The Mickey Mouse Club and his incredible dance moves, which were brought up around the Barbie movie to prove that he really was the perfect Ken. While this viral video seemed to have died down, the video of young Gosling dancing is going around once again, and this time, it’s being paired with a Taylor Swift song.

Swift’s new album The Tortured Poets Department brought big reactions from fans, and even Kim Kardashian reportedly had thoughts about their feud following “thanK you aIMee.” However, on the plus side, the album has given fans plenty of new songs with some very heartbreaking lyrics. One of those tracks, “I Can Do It With A Broken Heart,” has specifically inspired some A+ memes, and this TikTok of a young Gosling dancing to it might be my favorite:

Between the caption – “me these past 24 hours” – and the video, this video of lil Gosling is perfect all around. His enthusiastic moves are timed to the upbeat track perfectly, and those two things juxtaposed with the super sad lyrics are both hilarious and fitting. Hopefully, young Ryan never goes away since it’s always so funny to see how he is brought up again. I do wonder what he thinks of this, though, and if he would ever redo the dance.

This video could not have come at a better time. On top of Ryan Gosling’s SNL episode going viral, or more specifically, the Beavis and Butt-Head sketch where everyone couldn’t stop laughing blowing up, the episode kicked off with a monologue perfect for a Swiftie. The actor’s opening sketch included a rendition of “All Too Well”  that was more tailored to him and Barbenheimer (which was a reference to both Swift and his movie on the 2024 movie schedule, The Fall Guy). So, I assume Gosling would be very entertained by this TikTok crossover.

Meanwhile, as The Tortured Poets Department continues breaking records, Taylor Swift’s upcoming projects just keep growing. Many fans are hoping that Reputation (Taylor’s Version) will finally be re-released soon, while others are looking forward to finally seeing her on The Eras Tour when it starts back up in Paris next month. Swift will also be making her directorial debut in the future, and it wouldn’t be surprising if she were to be working on other projects as well.

Hopefully, one of those projects will include Ryan Gosling because, after the “All Too Well” SNL monologue and now the TikTok dance video, it’s only just a matter of time before they finally get together. Swift did acknowledge the monologue on X (formerly known as Twitter), which is better than nothing. But really, when are we going to have Gosling recreate his iconic dance to “I Can Do It With A Broken Heart?” I need it now more than ever.