Young Sheldon’s Emily Osment Teased The Series Finale, And Now I’m In My Feelings Even More

 Mandy on Young Sheldon.
Mandy on Young Sheldon.

After seven seasons, Young Sheldon is gearing up for its series finale as its one of many shows ending or canceled in 2024. The CBS sitcom has been setting up Sheldon’s future at CalTech as well as the upcoming Georgie and Mandy spinoff, marking the end of an era. With the finale an hour long, it was probably already easy to assume it's going to be emotional. But, now, Emily Osment's tease is getting me all in my feelings even more.

Emily Osment will still be on TV screens come fall amid 2024 TV schedule, as she'll continue to play Mandy McAllister for Georgie & Mandy’s First Marriage. Yet fans will still be saying goodbye to most of Cooper family later this month. Not much is known about how Young Sheldon will wrap up, but the former Disney star teased the final episode while speaking to ET at CBS’ Fall Schedule Celebration, and it sounds like viewers will want to have their tissues handy:

I don't think anyone's ready for the finale. It's really gonna hit you where it hurts. It's such a beautiful ending to this show. I'm just grateful I got to be part of it.

As is the case with a number of series finales, this one is going to be a tear-jerker. However, the fact that fans have been watching Sheldon Cooper (both as a kid and an adult) for almost 20 years now will make it that much more emotional. Not to mention the fact that it very well could include George Sr.’s long-anticipated death. Young Sheldon already changed the origin of a major Big Bang Theory plot point, so it's hard to say how the writers might've handled this. Regardless, it sounds like it will have viewers in their feels, and I'm already anxious.

What's sure to have fans feeling all kinds of emotions during the finale are the returns of Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik as adult Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler. Of course, details surrounding their returns are being kept under wraps. Also, going off the TikTok of Parsons and Iain Armitage, the cast is taking advantage of having two Sheldon actors on set. Just thinking about the end of this show is enough to make me cry, so I can’t imagine how I’m going to be when the finale eventually airs.

Filming wrapped on Young Sheldon in April, and Iain Armitage threw it back to the beginning of the show while marking the end. It was adorable and bittersweet seeing how much young Sheldon (and Armitage himself) has truly grown. It is going to be hard to say goodbye, but I'm glad it seems to be getting a worthy send-off. After all, not every show is so lucky. While this seems like the end of an era even with the Georgie & Mandy spinoff on the way, I'm hopeful that Emily Osment's finale tease will be as great as hoped for.

There are still three episodes left of Young Sheldon, with two of those being the series finale. The hour-long series closer airs on Thursday, May 16 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. In the meantime, catch up on episodes using a Paramount+ subscription.