A young US woman captures 'stalker' on a doorbell camera which her mum installed for protection

A woman was terrified to leave the house after she caught a 'stalker' standing outside her window on the doorbell camera her mum had just installed that day. Guste Janusauskaite, 22, thought her mum, Gigi Janusauskaite, 45, was 'silly' to install the security cameras, but the day she did they captured a strange man looking up at her window just five minutes after she had returned home. A week later they captured the same stranger trying to peer into the window - which Guste was standing right next to at the time. Guste and her mum called the police both times but they didn't take it any further and just told her to keep her blinds shut and be careful when she goes out. Guste has since moved away from the area and the man was never caught on the camera again- after feeling terrified in her own home and being unable to sleep. Guste, an executive assistant and model, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US, said: "I thought my mum was so silly getting the cameras because our area was one of the safest places I knew. "But the next morning I woke up with the police at my door as my mum has sent them the footage of this guy outside my house. "It was terrifying and when I saw him again on the footage it was even scarier. "He had got home at 11.10pm and he was seen watching me at 11.11pm. "He must have been following me to know my whereabouts and my routine. "I couldn't sleep and I'd always have my blinds closed. "Now, even after I have moved, I carry pepper spray everywhere I go." In March 2020, Guste woke up to police knocking at her door and was told a man had been seen standing outside her window just five minutes after she was seen getting back to the house. "They just told me to be careful when going out and shut the blinds and curtains," Guste said. "But I wanted to carry on living my life. "It was scary though so I set up a booby trap in my room so that if he ever got inside he would trip on the rope and I would wake up. "I did one on the tree outside my window too." Guste and her mum, Gigi, a sales representative, set up notifications on the camera, so that they would get an alert to their phone when there was motion. "There was nothing for a week," Guste said. "And then a week later when I had just come back and I was standing by my window I heard a noise outside and then heard my phone buzzed with a Ring camera notification. "When I looked I could see him the other side of the glass peering in. "I ran to my mum's room straight away. "She came running back into my room, pulled the blinds up and went crazy banging on the window getting him to go away. "You could see him on the camera just calmly look up to try and see the camera and then walk away." Guste was left terrified by her ordeal after that. "I couldn't sleep," she said. "And it's so scary to think about how long he could have been watching me before the cameras were there. "Before I would often lean out of my window to smoke and someone could have easily grabbed me. "I would also always instinctively turn away from the window to change. "It's like I had always felt some presence." Guste has since moved across the state and feels much safer. "I can go out without being scared but I do still carry pepper spray everywhere I go now," Guste said. "The whole thing really shook me."

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