Young woman handed surprise pregnancy news despite having no bump or symptoms

Lily Somerton.
-Credit: (Image: Lily Somerton/SWNS)

A size eight woman was left stunned when she discovered she was six months pregnant, despite having no visible bump.

Lily Somerton, 21, still had her period and showed no signs of pregnancy until she felt movement in her stomach while lying down. Already a mother to one child, Lily recognised the sensation from her previous pregnancy and decided to take a test for confirmation.

The test came back positive and Lily immediately went for a scan where she was informed that she was 24 weeks along and experiencing a cryptic pregnancy - a condition where a person is unaware they're pregnant - in April 2024.

Doctors informed Lily that she might not develop a bump for the rest of her pregnancy, but reassured her that her baby boy, due in July 2024, was healthy.

Lily, a support worker from King's Lynn, Norfolk, shared: "I was on the bed and I saw my belly move. I did a test and it was positive. I went for a scan and they said I was 24 weeks. I just froze. How was I so far along? It was surreal. I still had my periods. They said I might not get a bump at all."

Lily unexpectedly fell pregnant with her first son, now 19 months old, when she missed a period, reports the Mirror.

Lily Somerton, with her child and her father Wayne Somerton.
Lily Somerton, with her child and her father Wayne Somerton -Credit:Lily Somerton/SWNS

She gave birth to him in October 2022, weighing 8lbs 10oz. She recalled: "It was a shock. I found out early on. I soon got over it."

After separating from her first child's father in mid-2022, Lily met her current partner, Ashley Davis, 35, a window fitter, in April 2023.

Lily also suffered the loss of her father Wayne Somerton, 51, to throat cancer in November 2023 - just five days before her 21st birthday.

The mum went out to celebrate her birthday - not realising she was seven days pregnant. It wasn't until April 2024 - when she was six months along - that Lily discovered she was having a cryptic pregnancy.

She said: "I'd never heard of it. I was keen to know he was OK."

After recovering from the initial shock, Lily is thrilled to be giving her son a baby brother. She said: "It's been the easiest pregnancy I've known. Ashley didn't believe if for ages. I didn't like having a big bump during my last pregnancy. I felt massive but I wasn't. It's not a bad thing not to have a massive bump."