'You're Not Happy, Are Ya?': Catcher Removes Grumpy Snake From Car Roof

A Queensland resident had a bit of a fright on July 7 when he opened his garage door only to see a snake drop down and onto the roof of his car.

Stuart McKenzie was called to the home, in Mooloolaba, to remove the common tree snake.

In the video, McKenzie can be seen approaching the snake, which he says “is a little bit cranky” as it strikes out from the roof.

McKenzie wonders whether the snake has an injury but soon concludes it likely does not. “Maybe he just woke up on the wrong side of the bed… or on the wrong car,” he says.

McKenzie wrote on Facebook that the snake was safely relocated to some nearby bushland. Credit: Stuart McKenzie via Storyful

Video transcript

STUART MCKENZIE: How's this for the start of this bloke's day? So he's rocked up, he's woken up, going outside, ready for work, nice sunny day, goes to jump in his car, and there's a snake on his car. So this snake is cruising around his windshield, up on top. So he's not going anywhere until we get there and relocate it. So we're only a couple minutes out. And we'll catch it - it looks like a common tree snake - and get it back in the bush.

- I started to get-- I had the boot open just before because I just went to put stuff in the back.


- And I came back and couldn't close it.


- It felt like a [INAUDIBLE].

STUART MCKENZIE: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- All of a sudden, he's popped his head out, and almost fallen into the duct of the boot here, and then worked his way up onto the roof, and arced himself up. And I thought, yeah, I better stand back and just [INAUDIBLE].

STUART MCKENZIE: Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, no, absolutely.


STUART MCKENZIE: And we'll obviously just double check him just in case there was an accidental--

- Yeah, I hope I haven't actually squashed him so--

STUART MCKENZIE: Get a shot of that.

- --I, like, made sure he got his tail out of there. So I've been able to close the door by just letting him sort of creep his way up.

STUART MCKENZIE: Yeah, bring his--


Yeah, he looks a little bit--

- Timid?

STUART MCKENZIE: A little bit cranky.

- Yeah.

STUART MCKENZIE: So he might have sustained an injury because it's pretty rare that the tree snakes are like this.

- Yeah gotcha, hey.

STUART MCKENZIE: You're all right, bud. Hey--


STUART MCKENZIE: You're all right. Geez, you're not happy, are you? I know, you didn't mean to. He's very cold to-- oh, actually no, you're not. Maybe he's all right. Maybe he's just woken up on the wrong side of the bed.

- Yeah.

STUART MCKENZIE: Or on the wrong car.

- Yeah, yeah, got you.

- Did you take a photo of it?

- Yeah.

STUART MCKENZIE: We will check him again.

- Yeah.

STUART MCKENZIE: He does look in good nick.

- Yeah, nice.

STUART MCKENZIE: Beautiful snake.

- He's a stunning snake, eh?

STUART MCKENZIE: Just a little bit cranky.

- Yeah.

STUART MCKENZIE: I'm sure we're all a bit cranky sometimes in the morning. But yeah, it doesn't look like there's any obvious injuries, so. [CHUCKLES] He is not happy.

- He's not, eh?

STUART MCKENZIE: All right, get you in the bag and back in the bush. Look at there. So yeah--

- Yeah.

STUART MCKENZIE: --you can see when they feel a bit threatened or grumpy, they puff their body up.

- Yeah.

STUART MCKENZIE: And yeah, you can see those beautiful flecks and stuff.

- He's pretty thick too, eh?


- So what type of snake is that?

STUART MCKENZIE: It's a common tree-- yeah, he's-- see how he's moving too?

- Yeah.

STUART MCKENZIE: He's moving really nicely.

- Yeah, yeah.

STUART MCKENZIE: So I reckon, he'll be all good.

- OK.

- Yeah.

STUART MCKENZIE: Excellent, I'm glad we were able to-- [CHUCKLES] yeah, it's good-- it's lucky you didn't drive off, eh?

- No, well, true. All right, look, it could have actually come from where I parked yesterday at work.


- So I wouldn't think that it's come from here. We haven't had any snakes around here recently.


- And yeah, so the poor guy's probably a bit hungry. And he's been sitting on the roof all night.

STUART MCKENZIE: Yeah, and he's freezing. So we'll go find some bush and a bit of sunlight for him.

- Gotcha.

STUART MCKENZIE: So all good. Here we are with Mr. cranky pant, woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or the wrong side of the car, you could say. But he's back in the bush now. Plenty of sun this morning, so go on and warm up, my friend. Oh, off he goes.

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