Yousaf does not rule out cabinet position for Forbes

SNP contender Humza Yousaf has not ruled out giving Kate Forbes a cabinet position in any future administration he leads.

Speaking to journalists after First Minister’s Questions, Mr Yousaf praised the Finance Secretary, who is also running to succeed Nicola Sturgeon.

Mr Yousaf has previously sought to place himself apart from Ms Forbes – who has long been seen as a potential first minister – on social issues after she said she would not have voted for gender reforms passed in December or in favour of equal marriage, which was made law before she entered Parliament.

Kate Forbes
Humza Yousaf said Kate Forbes is ‘extremely talented’ (Andrew Milligan/PA)

He said on Thursday: “I think Kate’s extremely talented, extremely able, I think anybody would want to see her at the heart of Scottish politics.

“As long as we agree – and I think we do collectively – that collective responsibility is important for any government to function, and Kate has shown she is willing, and has been in her time in Government, to abide by collective responsibility, I think that’s going to be an important question for all the candidates – myself included.”

Pressed, Mr Yousaf added: “I think she’s got a lot to give to Scottish public life, including in Government.”

Nominations for the SNP leadership race close on Friday, with Mr Yousaf, Ms Forbes and Ash Regan expected to garner enough support to progress to the members’ vote.

The new SNP leader will be announced on March 27.