These youthful grandparents prove 70 is the new 50

It’s true that love makes you happy. But can that in-love glow also help you stay looking young forever? A couple of Georgia-based grandparents are certainly putting it to the test. Celebrated in a tweet by their granddaughter Sierra Nelson are Lorraine Penrice, 71, and Fredrick Penrice, 72, who have been married for 52 years and don’t look older than that in age.

Beautiful grandma, 71, looks amazing, as does her 72-year-old husband. (Photo: Twitter/Sierra/Lorrsierra)

The grandparents were high school sweethearts on Long Island, got married, and had two children — and are definitely “relationship goals.”

Sierra, 16, first tweeted a photo of her beautiful grandmother and, at the request of her followers, then shared a photo of her grandfather as well.

People are really questioning if the couple is in their early 70s or early 50s.

Sierra is one of the three grandchildren of the Penrices. “I believe that my grandparents’ secret to staying so youthful over all these years would be their diet,” she says to Yahoo Lifestyle. “After my grandmother had a minor heart attack in 2003, my grandpa decided that they should do something about it to ensure they would stay free from any sorts of medical problems in the future.”

The couple is pescatarian, which means they are vegetarian with the exception of seafood. Fredrick likes to make smoothies using just raw fruits and vegetables.

“My grandpa always says, ‘What you put in your body is what you get out!'” she says. “They always encourage us to take care of ourselves by eating the right things and being active.”

Sierra’s mom, Jackie, agrees. She tells Yahoo Lifestyle she also thinks her parents’ secret to youthfulness is “healthy eating and a young mindset.”

Even in their early 70s, the couple are living their life to the fullest. In August they went on a trip to Hawaii to celebrate their 52nd anniversary.

“What I admire most about my grandparents is that they don’t let their age stop them from doing whatever it is they want to do,” says Sierra. ‘They are big travelers. They love to go see and experience different things.”

On what their secret to a long-lasting loving marriage is, the Penrices told Sierra, it’s “compromising,” she reports. “You can’t always be selfish. It’s not about you all the time. You have to compromise — It’s a give-and-take thing.”

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