YouTube Sensation 'Fenton' reappears in HD chasing a T-Rex

It's YouTube sensation 'Fenton', the runaway dog which barked his way to 7.5 million hits last year - but not as we all know him.

The 'remastered' version, released on the anniversary of the original viral hit, features Hollywood-style effects - and a T-Rex, an ostrich and a unicorn.

A year ago, the 'Fenton' video was filmed by a 13-year-old in Richmond park, and viewed 800,000 times in a month. It showed a dog chasing deer while his helpless owner tried to stop it.

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The new version is a little more epic.

Squirrels, rabbits and deer cower as the ferocious labrador pursues them in Full HD.

The video was produced by mobile phone giant EE, to show how its new ultra-fast 4G network is ideal for YouTube videos on the go.

"Exactly one year on from the day the original ‘Fenton’ video was uploaded to YouTube, EE has today released a new, re-mastered version of the iconic labrador’s park adventure, shot in full HD," says the company.

Spencer McHugh, Director of Brand, EE, said: “As there is arguably no YouTube video more epic than ‘Fenton’, we wanted to make it even more epic by creating our own remastered version - so it can be enjoyed on the go on superfast 4G, in all its epic glory”.

Jake Goodyear, aged 14, who shot the original 47 second clip added: “It’s amazing to see what a quiet walk in the park this time last year has produced.

"The original video became the top trending topic on Twitter and now that EE has taken it to the next level, I can’t wait to see how many people share this remastered version.”

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