YouTuber brands Coventry 'crazy' for flytipping and people are all saying the same thing

A YouTuber visiting Coventry was met with fly tipped furniture, overflowing bins and cans piled up on the pavement - and Coventry Live readers are furious at the lack of "personal responsibility" on show in five city areas.

YouTube vlogger UK Explored made the discoveries filming for the video titled "I Explored the 5 WORST AREAS to Live in COVENTRY!", visiting Bell Green, Hillfields, Henley Green, Willenhall and Foleshill. The YouTuber said: "The litter problem across Coventry in general was crazy."

"I could have easily put together an hour long montage of all the fly tipping and litter I had to walk through," they added. In Hillfields, a heap of rubbish could be seen next to cars in a car park and the amount litter in Foleshill was dubbed "ridiculous." In Willenhall the vlogger claimed fly tippers have been dumping "like crazy". "The woodland is more like a tip than some sort of idyllic escape," they said.

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Commenter Bernie S thinks it's down to the authorities: “You can report fly tipping but the council take no notice.” Deleteme disagrees: “Personal responsibility means just that a person's own responsibility. It doesn't mean expecting others to clean up after. So it's immaterial who is in power, the rubbish shouldn't be there in the first place.”

Reader Eileen6 writes: “Fivefield Road is used as a dumping ground. Why can't people do the right thing and take it to the tip? They could tip their rubbish in the council house doorway, those who run the council may soon find a remedy that would please us all.”

Balbirsingh99 reckons they know the cause of the problem: “There needs to be a long term solution to this issue. Fly tipping is wrong. Main issue is too many living in each house. Maybe more green bins for the rentals.” Sogb writes: “All it takes is for people to take a little pride in where they live.”

Hackettboy says: “Wasn’t like this years ago , when everyone took responsibility for there area. Now people dump their rubbish everywhere and expect the council to come and tidy it up.”

On our Facebook page, Beverley and Ian Wright said: “If it wasn’t for all the litter picking groups around Coventry, we would be knee deep in crap.” Ame Sam wrote “I wouldn't let my dog out in Coventry.”

The Local Democracy Reporting Service (LDRS) asked the council if it had any comment on the video, including the fly tipping and rubbish it showed. A council spokesperson said: "Coventry is a great city and a wonderful place to visit."

"Our city is full of hard-working people, and we are working with a range of partners, including landlords, to support improvements as well as seeking private sector investment. In terms of fly-tipping our officers do regular checks across the city and deal with fly-tipped materials on our land straight away."

"We also routinely serve notices on tenants, landlords and landowners to clear their land and make repairs on their properties. In the past year alone we have served over 800 notices to force removal of waste from private land."

"Of course there is always more to do. But there is much to celebrate in our city too. This issue is also about personal responsibility, and we encourage anyone who sees fly-tipping to report it anonymously by going to or calling 08085 834333 ."

What are the worst problem spots for flytipping in Coventry? Comment below, and join in on the conversation.