YouTuber James Charles cancels Sisters tour following Tati Westbrook feud

Sarah Young

YouTuber James Charles has cancelled his Sisters tour just weeks after his feud with Tati Westbrook began.

On Friday, Charles posted a series of videos to his Instagram Stories in which he announced that the 24-state tour would no longer be taking place.

The tour was set to kick off at the end of next month, on 26 June in Philadelphia, before travelling across the US and finishing in LA a month later.

The beauty entrepreneur, who turned 20 on Thursday, began the video compilation by thanking his fans for their birthday wishes before explaining that his decision to cancel the tour was “very, very tough”.

“I know this sucks and people are going to be upset about it, trust me I am not really happy about this either,” Charles said.

“I made the decision to pull the tour. This was 100 per cent my decision. None of the venues pulled out, none of the brands that were going to be sponsoring it pulled out.”

Charles continued by saying that the decision to cancel the tour was made for “a lot of different personal reasons” and that he didn’t feel as though he could deliver on what he promised.

“It really, really sucks to admit but I would so much rather tell you guys straight up.” Charles added.

The YouTuber concluded his message by reassuring fans that anyone who purchased tickets would be automatically refunded and that he still plans to tour in the near future.

Charles also explained that he will be using the time to focus on himself and be with people that love him.

The announcement comes just weeks after Charles found himself embroiled in a feud with fellow YouTube star Tati Westbrook.

Westbrook cut ties with Charles and published an exposé video on YouTube, in which she highlighted his “problematic” behaviour, including promoting a beauty product that rivalled one she’d created and accused him of exploiting people's sexuality.

Since then, the pair called a ceasefire on their row, pledging to speak about it in private.

“I have been in communication with James Charles through an intermediary for the last week, and we believe that it is in the best interest of our community, our viewers and our own mental health to put this matter to a rest,” Westbrook wrote on Twitter.

“For that reason, I will not be making any further public comments and I hope and pray that no one else will make any more hurtful statements on my behalf.”

Charles agreed, posting a tweet that read: “I am on board to move on, will not speak about this further, but do hope to speak in the future when we’re all ready.

“This week was awful for all of us and I ask that the community focuses on positivity moving forward.”

Earlier this month, reports revealed that Charles’ online clothing store Sisters Apparel had been removed after the website was no longer active, and instead had an “under construction” notice.