YouTuber Who Let Strangers Pick Out Her Outfit Tried the Challenge With Makeup

This YouTuber let strangers pick out her makeup. (Photo: YouTube/Safiya Nygaard)

YouTuber Safiya Nygaard is shopping with strangers again, but this time it’s for cosmetics.

In a video she posted in June, the lifestyle guru took on the challenge of letting strangers pick out her outfit. The result was something rather colorful and unicorn-inspired, so Nygaard decided to try the experiment again but with makeup.

I Let Strangers Pick My Makeup” follows Nygaard through the same process of going to the mall and tracking down volunteers to pick out a number of products that ultimately lead to a full face of makeup. Nygaard made the trip without a drop of makeup so that everything was left up to the imagination of the people she found.

“I’m also coincidentally at that point with a lot of my makeup where I’ve run out of some stuff, so I could either repurchase, or try something new,” she told her viewers. “So I’m excited to see what products people choose and how they decide to build the look.”

To kick off the experiment, Nygaard tracked down people for each of the five makeup-related tasks needed to complete her look. First, she looked for foundation and concealer, followed by eyebrow pencils and eyeshadow. Eyeliner and mascara came next, along with contouring makeup, blush, and a highlighter. And finally, she got somebody to top off the look with lipstick.

The choices that some of the volunteers made inside of stores such as Sephora, NYX, and Macy’s were a little eccentric, which led to Nygaard’s hilarious final review.

“I feel like I look a little festive, like we’ve got some green and some red going like Christmas in July. I also feel a little bit like a Olympic gymnast or synchronized swimmer, like these are the colors of my country’s flag,” she jokes about the bright pink shadow and green eyeliner on her eyes.

The final makeup look. (Photo: Youtube/Safiya Nygaard)

“Though some bold choices were made, and at times I did feel like a human swatch, I didn’t feel like anyone was trying to troll me,” she concludes. “I felt like everyone was trying to build on the previous choices to, like, make something. I can’t exactly say what it is, but I don’t not like it.”

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