YouTuber Zoella Earns £50,000 A MONTH


Every parent who has ever shouted at their teenager to ‘get off the Internet and do something more productive’ will be eating their words when they see just how much money Zoe Sugg is raking in from, well, sitting on her computer.

The 25-year-old vlogger sensation, who also goes by the name 'Zoella’, is the biggest YouTuber in the country with more than ten million followers and new figures have shown exactly how much she is earning after launching her YouTube channel as a teen back in 2009.

According to The Sunday Times, Zoe earned a whopping £400,000 in eight months back in 2014, which is a cool £50,000 a month - and considering her empire has only grown over the last two years, we wouldn’t be surprised if today’s figure is even more.

So how exactly does the star earn the money? Well, advertisers pay a sweet sum to play their commercials before each of her YouTube videos, and Zoe also gets paid a huge amount to plug products on social media or within her vids.

Yeah, that bath bomb she spontaneously bought in her latest beauty haul video? She probably got paid a couple of grand to feature it.

Outside of YouTube, Zoe has her own beauty range with Superdrug and has also released two novels, the 'Girl Online’ saga, which she later admitted was written by a ghostwriter.

The Internet star currently lives in a £1million property in Hove, Brighton, with her boyfriend Alfie Deyes, who also makes a pretty penny as a YouTuber in his own right with almost 5 million online fans.

All in all, Zoe has well and truly built her empire through the power of the Internet and we have no doubt that every 20-something millenial in the UK is wishing that they too launched a YouTube account when they were still in school.