YouTubers spark mayhem with impromptu Hyde Park meet-up during Remembrance Day memorial service

A pair of American YouTubers who go by the username The Dolan Twins sparked mayhem yesterday when they attempted to organise an impromptu fan meet-up in Hyde Park whilst they were in London for the MTV EMAs.

The brothers, Grayson and Ethan, have almost five million subscribers on YouTube as well as millions of followers on social media, and it soon became apparent that their decision to meet their fans without any form of crowd control, security or professional organisation probably wasn’t the wisest move.

The Dolan Twins have around five million fans. Copyright: [Instagram]
The Dolan Twins have around five million fans. Copyright: [Instagram]

Innocently tweeting the time and location, Grayson anticipated some issues but overall seemed optimistic about the event, telling his followers: “If you are going to the meet up today PLEASE stay calm.

“I want this to work so we can all have a good time! If Ethan and I can’t take a picture with every person individually we at least want to see you all. But stay calm!

“No pushing others please. Spread the word.”

The tweet quickly amassed almost 10,000 retweets and before long, hundreds of teenagers had flocked to Hyde Park for the arranged time of 12.30pm, which was particularly troubling as there also happened to be a Remembrance Day memorial service in Hyde Park at the same time.

Realising how disrespectful it would be for a host of excited and noisy teens to interrupt the service, Grayson quickly took to social media in a bid to call the whole thing off – telling fans that he and Ethan would no longer be attempting the meet-up.

He explained: “Guys I had no idea there was a memorial in Hyde park today for remembrance day. It’s more important to pay respect than anything right now. I feel horrible.

“Ethan and I are really sorry. We can’t go to Hyde park but we’re trying to figure something out. We want to see you guys but we don’t want to be disrespectful and most of all we want everyone to be safe.”

Ethan added: “We really want to meet you all but i would feel so awful and selfish if someone were to get hurt. Everyone’s safety is most important.”

The twins were in London for the MTV EMAs. Copyright: [Instagram]
The twins were in London for the MTV EMAs. Copyright: [Instagram]

However, it was too little too late to some extent as most of the fans had already shown up, with many taking to Twitter to share images and information from the scenes – with some even reporting that the police had shown up and some fans had been injured:

Neither Ethan or Grayson have commented on the meet-up since they cancelled their appearance and Yahoo Celeb UK have contacted their reps for comment.

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