You've Got Mail! Catcher Removes Carpet Python From Letterbox

A snake catcher removed a “small” carpet python from the mailbox of a home in Woombye, Queensland, recently shared video shows.

Footage by Stuart McKenzie from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 shows him removing — and later relocating — the unwanted visitor from the letterbox it was found seeking refuge in.

According to McKenzie, the homeowners got a surprise when they discovered the snake in their letterbox after their mail carrier left a note warning them to the fact.

McKenzie’s video shows him gently remove the snake from the postbox and place it in a catching bag. Credit: Stuart McKenzie via Storyful

Video transcript

STUART MCKENZIE: We're on our way to Woombye. There is apparently a decent-sized snake inside someone's letterbox curled up on all of their mail. So they literally can't get their mail out and need us to come out. I think the post has warned them. So we're on our way. And, hopefully, it'll still be there when we get there.


OK, this is like the snake under the bonnet all over again. Except this time, the postie has left a nice bit of tape here saying, snake in the letterbox. And I can see it straight away. As you can see, the-- the letters have been building up.

Obviously, someone's seen this and not happy about getting it out. But we've got what looks like probably a one-year-old carpet python inside the letterbox. It's certainly a bit of a surprise and not what you expect to find in there. Now, let's see. Jeez, there's some mail in there. [LAUGHS] You've got mail.

- I'm really [INAUDIBLE] at emptying out my mailbox.

STUART MCKENZIE: [LAUGHS] Oh, a good excuse this time. [INAUDIBLE].

- Oh, there's his head there.

STUART MCKENZIE: A bit of junk mail in here, too.

- Good lord, [INAUDIBLE].






Nearly had him before, and now, [INAUDIBLE].

- Can you get that big one out?

STUART MCKENZIE: No, it's a bit squashed in there. That's all right. I should be able to get in there now. Come on, buddy. You're just using all of these mail to your advantage, aren't you? Out you come. There you go. Come on. Come on.


STUART MCKENZIE: Yeah, there we go. Isn't he stunning? Gorgeous patterns. He's certainly not what you need in your letterbox. So we'll get this little fella back in the bush where he belongs.

Cheeky little python that was inside the letterbox. Big thanks, big shout-out to the postie. And if you're watching this video, let us know, mate. Thanks for letting the guys know that this was in their letterbox. Because, yeah, they could have reached in. And they can be a little bit bitey sometimes, the little carpet pythons. So oh, you're all right. And get him back out in the bush where he belongs. See you, buddy.

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