‘Insane’ black bear fight caught on video in Yukon wilderness

Do bears practice MMA in the woods?

The accompanying footage, captured recently in Canada’s Yukon Territory, shows two massive black bears fighting on a wilderness road.

“Bearing witness to one of nature’s rarest sights,” hunting outfitter Jim Shockey exclaimed via X. “The spring rut is in full swing, and the big boars are on the warpath.”

The ferocious bout includes roundhouse punches and wrestling techniques as each bruin attempts to gain the upper hand.

“Bear closest to the camera has got a serious right hook,” one follower observed. “Ducks when he throws it, too, my money’s on him.”

The footage was credited to Rogue River Outfitters Yukon, which apparently led the May 2 expedition.

“INSANE BLACK BEAR FIGHT!” the company exclaimed, describing the confrontation as a territorial dispute. “The speed and power is mind-blowing. You can see some of the blows delivered knock each other off their feet.”

Adult male black bears can weigh 500-plus pounds and stand 7 feet tall on their hind legs, so any battle between fully grown bears is a heavyweight match.

Rogue River Outfitters Yukon added:

“Fights like this are rare to observe but they do happen frequently, especially in areas where the density of bears is high. The wars are more intense if the food supply is limited or during the mating season.”

The soundless footage was captured through the vehicle’s windshield.

Story originally appeared on For The Win