'Yum Yum Yum': Girl Delighted by 'Toddler-Mouth-Sized' Snowflakes

Two-year-old Caroline could not get enough of the snow that fell outside her home in Lebanon, Virginia, on January 26.

“Yum! Yum! Yum!” the toddler can be heard saying after she attempted to catch the snowflakes in her mouth, as seen in the video her dad Billy Bowling uploaded to Twitterwith the caption, “I’m not sure “toddler mouth sized” is a meteorological term, but that’s what it’s snowing in #swva currently.”

Bowling told Storyful that his daughter is the only one in the family that likes snow and that she was allowed to stay “up a little late past her bedtime” to enjoy it. Credit: Billy Bowling via Storyful