Yungblud paints rainbow flag on Polish street in protest against homophobia

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Yungblud has made good on a two-year promise to paint a rainbow on the streets of Poland in protest against homophobic laws in the country.

Back in 2020, the “Parents” singer shared a picture to Twitter of himself standing on a rainbow-covered street in Camden, with a Polish fan replying and saying she was jealous as she lived in “the most homophobic country I’ve ever seen”.

In response, Yungblud wrote: “The pavements will be painted in beautiful colours. im gonna paint the f***in street myself outside the venue next time i am there. we will keep fighting. all my love is with you.”

On Wednesday (11 May), the British musician performed in Warsaw as part of his European tour and kept to his promise, sharing a video to Twitter as he painted a rainbow on the road while surrounded by screaming fans.

“Last night I played Poland,” he said in the voiceover. “A year ago I told you all that I would paint your streets with beautiful colours in solidarity with your cause and your fight.

“I want you to know that… I think about you all and I am with you every single day. Yungblud is about all of us.”

He continued: “It’s about a generation that will come together to enact positive change in this world and the people who try to hold onto an old ideology that will hold us back will inevitably fail because we’ll outgrow them all.

“Never, ever, be ashamed to be who you are. I promise you we’re winning, even if they don’t see it yet. Be proud of who you are.”

Yungblud captioned the video: “Never apologise. never compromise. never hide who you are. love as much as you can every fookin day!!! to love another is NEVER WRONG.”

Poland has repeatedly been voted the least LGBT+ friendly country in the European Union, according to the Rainbow Europe Index.

Nearly one-third of towns in Poland are considered “LGBT-free zones” (per a BBC News report) and have passed resolutions declaring themselves free of LGBT “ideology”.

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