A Guide to the Many Different Types of Bangs, Including Which One Is Right For You

The ways in which you can cut bangs is so vast, so encyclopedic, it could merit its own Dr. Seuss verse. You can chop bangs to frame the eyes; you can sweep bangs to one side. You can wear bangs with a bob; you can wear bangs to your job. (Should we keep going? OK.) You can part bangs right down the middle; you can cut bangs till they're really little. You can snip bangs to just above your brow; the world is your oyster, do you get it now?

It doesn't stop there either, you see. Fringe can also vary in length and style - O-M-G. The ends can be blunt, curved, curly, or cropped; there are so many options, in fact, this cut cannot be topped. So, how are you to know which bangs haircut to choose? That's why we're here: to do the hard part for you.

No matter your celebrity hair inspo, your face shape, or your reason behind "why," we're breaking down every type of bang you could possibly try.

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