Zac feels terrible after cheating on Leah

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Zac wakes next to Sam in the motel, hungover and crushed with guilt at having cheated on Leah. He sneaks out before Sam wakes. Zac then returns to the Summer Bay House with his tail between his legs to find a hostile welcome from both Alf and Leah, who are both extremely disappointed that he stayed out all night after Billie's funeral. When Leah asks where he was, Zac makes a split-second decision to lie and say he slept in a van.

Soon afterwards, Sam drops by while Leah is upstairs, but he ushers her away. On the beach, Zac confronts Sam about coming to the house, knowing that Leah could have seen her. Sam reveals how hurt she is that Zac just wants to pretend that nothing happened between them and tells him that his marriage is in trouble, no matter if he tells Leah the truth or not. The argument escalates and Sam storms off, telling Zac never to come to her for help again.

Photo credit: Channel 5

When Zac attempts to tell Leah that he cheated on her with Sam, she stops him and explains that she just wants to move forward and forget what's happened in the past. Unable to tell her the truth in the face of Leah's forgiveness, Zac lies to her again but is disgusted with himself.

Meanwhile, Evie has a decision to make after Matt finds the letter offering her a posting to work with needy children in Vietnam. Evie proposes that Matt and Ellie come with her to Vietnam, but Matt is surprised and unsure.

Elsewhere, Brody is worried when Tori tells him that she and Riley are back together.

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