New Zealand Competitive Eater Crushes Korean 5x Spicy KFC Wings Challenge

Nela Zisser, a competitive eater and model from Auckland, New Zealand, managed to eat 10 KFC Wicked Wings covered in Korean 5x Spicy Nuclear Fire sauce in just over six minutes for an eating challenge posted to her Youtube channel.

A video posted by Zisser shows her setting up the challenge and starting the timer before tucking in. Following her channel rules, Zisser cannot have a drink or wipe her mouth before stopping the timer at 6:06 mins. After recovering in silence for a bit she tells her viewers “Oh my god, that was nuts.”

Auckland-based competitive eater and model Nela Zisser can often be found making her way through outrageous food challenges.

Zisser’s YouTube account chronicles such food feats as wolfing down 10 Burger King Whoppers in 17 minutes, devouring a 1kg burrito in just under 100 seconds, and consuming a 2.2 pound jar of Nutella in under four minutes. Credit: Nela Zisser via Storyful