New Zealand to introduce a tourist tax in 2019

Laura Hampson

New Zealand is one of those bucket list destinations that everyone needs to visit once in their life.

But travelling their can often be expensive – and a new tax introduced by the New Zealand government is about to make it a little most costly.

The New Zealand government has revealed its plans to implement a tourist tax that will go into effect from the second half of 2019 which they say will help to ‘protect its infrastructure and natural environment’.

The tax will range from £13 to £18 (25-35NZD) and will be applicable to all international visitors staying 12 months or less.

The only exemptions will be short-haul visitors from the Pacific Island Forum countries and Australia, plus children under the age of two and those visiting on specific visas.

The new tax will be collected through an ESTA-style visa system and will raise around £30million a year to help fund conservation and infrastructure.

While the tax is not yet set in stone, the government is accepting public opinions on the tax until July 15 and a decision is expected in September.

So, if you want to avoid parting with extra cash, start making plans to visit New Zealand ASAP.