Zebra shot dead after escaping circus and causing car crash on motorway

The zebra was shot dead after causing a crash (Picture: AFP/Getty)

A Zebra that escaped from a circus in Germany has been shot dead by police.

The animal was killed after it caused a car crash on the A20 motorway on Wednesday.

One driver braked to avoid the animal, causing another car to hit their vehicle.

No-one was injured in the rear-end collision but police felt the safest option was to euthanise the animal, DW reported.

A police spokesman said: “The animal was going in the wrong direction on the autobahn from Tessin to Rostock.”

A zebra stands on a meadow as a man with a tranquilizer gun tries to approach it (Picture: AFP/Getty)

The animal had escaped with another zebra while touring in a circus in Thelkow, east Germany, on Tuesday night.

The second zebra was captured and returned to its owners.


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A marksman was pictured holding a tranquilliser gun with one of the animals nearby but it later evaded authorities and was seen dodging police vehicles.

The zebras had kept police officers active all night as they tried to catch them.

Police had tweeted during the incident: “Warning: escaped zebra in the Tessin/Sanitz area is disrupting traffic.”

It is not clear how the zebras escaped from the zoo.

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