Zelda Breath of the Wild speed run gamers beat Ganon in under an hour

Ben Travis

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild offers gamers a huge and beautiful new Hyrule to explore – but some gamers are beating Calamity Ganon in record time.

The open-world title lets Nintendo Switch and Wii U players tackle the game in whatever order they like, with the main boss there for the taking right from the beginning.

While most would be ill-advised to chase after Ganon straight away, some speed-runners are tackling the villain and beating him in less than an hour.

YouTube gamer Venick409 has posted a play-through lasting just 54 minutes – with Link defeating the main boss in his underwear.

How do they do it? Venick reaches the first tower in five minutes to unlock the map, before polishing off the opening Shrines which offer the player bombs, Cryonis, and Stasis powers.

Link on the run: Zelda players are completing Breath of the Wild in less than an hour (Nintendo)

Perhaps controversially, Venick makes use of an Amiibo figure, which instantly spawns a horse for traversing the map without having to chase one down and tame it first.

Still, it’s mightily impressive to see someone manage to charge into Hyrule castle and defeat Ganon with just three heart containers.

Additional time-savers include playing on Wii U rather than Switch, which reportedly saves approximately 30 seconds of loading times, while the German language voice acting is said to be 10 seconds shorter than the English version.

Fellow YouTube gamer Gymnast86 has posted an ever faster time of 51 minutes and 40 seconds, adding: “a time below 50 minutes should be happening soon”.

Those who haven’t finished Breath of the Wild yet should be wary of spoilers in the speed-run videos – and you’re probably best to enjoy the game by maximising your time in the beautiful world Nintendo have cooked up.

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