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Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Zero spoilers follow.

We always knew a show in which one of the characters has the power of invisibility was going to have one or two twists in store, but the ending truly shifted Netflix's Zero into new territory.

The Italian-language drama centres on Omar aka "Zero" (Giuseppe Dave Seke), a pizza-delivery guy who has his sights set on becoming a professional comic-book artist. Somehow, he has acquired the ability to disappear before our very eyes and he uses his gift to help his new group of pals – Shariff (Haroun Fall), Sara (Daniela Scattolin), Momo (Dylan Magon) and Inno (Madior Fall) – save their barrio (that's neighbourhood to you and I) from the grubby mitts of the ruthless Sirenetta Real Estate Agency.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

For a moment, it looked like they were winning the fight, but we should have known that the story was far from over.

Zero was dealt a hammer blow when he discovered that Anna's father Bruno (Giordano De Plano) was head honcho at the company responsible for the destruction of his community. The Cubans, headed up by Rico (Miguel Gobbo Diaz), were on his payroll, using brute force and intimidation in an attempt to drive out the residents, in turn lowering the price of property in the area so that the agency could swoop in and scoop it up on the cheap.

Zero, under his cloak of invisibility, successfully filmed Bruno paying Rico to "take care" of Zero and his friends "once and for all" to ensure that his plan continued without further hitches. That video ended up in the hands of the police and Rico, who they also knew had stabbed Momo, was arrested.

Bruno, too, was taken in by the authorities, but was later released because of his connections.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

But we now know that Bruno is just a small fish in a much bigger, more dangerous pond. Anna's dad is the front man who handles the "business side" of the operation and there are forces much greater than him lurking in the shadows. The company, which has now gone bust because of Bruno's mismanagement, is also in Anna's name, which means she could be held responsible.

Now this is where the plot becomes A LOT more complicated, so strap in.

We knew the bald-headed woman with the tattoo on the back of her head wasn't just a bit player when we first met her at the poker game. When Zero flexes his powers, he is invisible to everyone but her, which begs the question: Who is she and what does she want?

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

She goes by "The Virgin" and was the one who ordered the kidnapping of Anna (Beatrice Grannò), which suggests that she is the threat that Bruno was referring to. She also knows all about Zero and his sister Awa, from their "family lies" to what their futures hold, and she's planning *something* big.

The Virgin had been liaising with Alphonse, an acquaintance of Zero's father and the "doctor" who examined Awa's eyes.

"The kids are ready and prepared," he told The Virgin.

For what, we don't yet know.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

And speaking of Awa, she also has powers, which are seemingly linked to her brother's. The Virgin, who gave her a magic handkerchief which allowed her to temporarily see clearly, encouraged the teenager to "feel" her emotions fully, rather than suppress them.

"Don't ever be afraid of what comes up," she said.

And lo and behold, when Awa caught sight of her best friend and her boyfriend kissing, she unleashed her rage and her so-called mate fell to her death.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

In the final scene, The Virgin took Zero to what looked to be a religious or cult gathering. A man dressed in priest-style garbs was addressing the candle-holding congregation, the score saturated with an eerie, deep humming. Zero observed the scene under his cloak of invisibility, spotting his father within the throng. But he wasn't the only family member present. His mother, too, was there. She had been absent from his life since he was a small child.

Throughout the course of the series, we're introduced to her through a sequence of flashbacks. But we were never given the full story.

It's an exchange between Alphonse and Zero that sheds light on what supposedly happened to her. He told him that his mother had severe mental health problems and believed she was "haunted", with "enemies all around, but mostly they were within". Zero's mother was convinced that her daughter was a demon and had been going to meet a woman who she believed could perform an exorcism when the police intercepted her and took her away. It was her husband who had made the call.

That was the last time Zero saw his mother, until he was led right to her by The Virgin.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

If the show does return for season two, there are a number of big questions that need answering, including:

  • Do we really know the truth about Zero and Awa's mother?

  • Is she really alive and if so, where has she been?

  • What does The Virgin have planned for Zero and Awa?

  • How, exactly, are their powers linked?

  • What is the creepy congregation all about?

  • What will happen to the barrio?

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