'Zombie' Wrangler Feeds 'Brains' to His Florida Alligators

Michael Womer, a performing animal wrangler in Orlando, Florida, known as the Gator Crusader, shared video on October 30 showing him in a zombie costume feeding his alligators some brain-like Halloween treats.

In the footage, Womer jokes that falling into the animal enclosure had turned him into a zombie, before he proceeds to interact with the gators as if he were a ghoul. He later makes the animals various Halloween-themed snacks, some shaped like brains, which the gators devour at first sight.

At the end of the video, Womer is seen driving his car, still in zombie makeup, singing The Cranberries hit song “Zombie”.

Womer told Storyful he has worked training alligators for 27 years: “I have always been more theatrical and a natural comedian than a great scientist, so I use my talents and what I am good at to promote conservation.” Credit: The Gator Crusader via Storyful