Zoo Celebrates First Sea Lion Birth

A zoo in Tacoma, Washington, was celebrating the birth of a sea lion pup, which it said was the first in its 119-year history.

Footage released on June 18 shows the young female pup with first-time mom Eloise at Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium.

The new arrival came into the world on June 6.

“There’s a new set of flippers,” the zoo said in a statement. “Since her birth, the pup has been nursing, growing, moving, vocalizing, and getting accustomed to her care team behind the scenes.”

“Eloise is a natural at parenting, and we’ve seen the pair bonding a lot already,” curator Jen DeGroot said. “Eloise is protective of the pup and encourages her to nurse. Soon she will begin to give her some ‘swimming lessons’ in shallow water.”

Zoo guests will be able to vote on the pup’s name later in June. Credit: Point Defiance Zoo via Storyful