Dame Joan Collins didn't enjoy shooting her fight scenes on Dynasty:'I don't believe in violence!'

Dame Joan Collins didn't enjoy shooting her infamous fight scenes on 'Dynasty'.

The 90-year-old actress played Alexis Carrington Colby in the US soap opera in the 1980s and her character had a number of physical spats with her on-screen rival Krystal Carrington (Linda Evans) - who was married to her character's ex-husband - but disliked filming them because she "doesn't believe" in violence.

She told FoxNews Digital: "I’m not a fighter. I don’t believe in fighting. I don’t believe in violence at all. I wasn’t brought up with it. My parents never allowed me to see any movies in which there was violence. I think there’s too much violence in the world. And I just didn’t like it."

However, the Hollywood legend just decided to "get on with" the scenes because they were part of her job and had become a hit with viewers, although she admitted that she did not do all of her own stunts and revealed the advice that fellow film star Gene Kelly had given her regarding stunt performers as she hailed the late actor as a "very wise" man.

She added: "But we did it. "And it was popular. I got on with it. It was part of the job, so I did it.

"Well, I didn’t do all of it. I had a stand-in, a double, to do a lot of it. I remember when Gene Kelly gave me some advice when I first went to Hollywood.

"He said, ‘Don’t do your own stunts, honey. You’re putting a stunt gal out of work, and you could get hurt.' He then cited some examples of actors who have done their own stunts and got seriously hurt. He was a very wise man."