Mars Rover Spots Alien ‘Dark Lady’ Watching It From The Surface

UFO Sightings Daily
UFO Sightings Daily

It’s been pretty non-stop for sightings of unearthly beings on the surface of Mars - and NASA’s Curiosity Rover might have just spotted the creepiest yet.

While the world still reels from the revelation of a facehugger-like crab, recently spotted in a cave mouth on the Red Planet, now the Curiosity Rover has spotted a weird ‘dark lady’ on the surface.

Looking like the ghostly apparition from The Woman In Black, the weird ‘woman’ seems to be actually facing the Rover, asi f watching it, according to UFO sites.

UFO Sightings Daily says that they can clearly see breasts – meaning it IS a woman – and that a statue would have weathered away, so it almost certainly IS a living being.

UFO Sightings Daily says, ‘It looks like a woman partly cloaked. The woman seems to have breasts…indicated by the shadow on its chest.

‘Its hard to tell if this is a living being, or a statue of a being from long ago.

 ‘However, a statue that small would be eroded and destroyed easily, so it has a higher chance of being a living being. Also it is facing the Mars rover…watching it from a distance.’