Josie Cunningham

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    Loose Women: The ITV show's most controversial moments

    From Jamelia's plus size comments to Judy Finnegan's rape remarks - the Loose Women do not shy from offensive opinions.

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    Josie Cunningham Claims Jimmy Savile Abused Her When She Was 14

    Josie Cunningham has made claims that Jimmy Savile abused her when she was 14 years old. The controversial star alleges that Savile tried to ‘squeeze her boobs and kiss her on the lips’, and that he ‘pressed his private parts into her’ as she walked back from school. Josie claims that her first encounter with Jimmy was in 2003, after which she made more of an effort to bump into him again, with the two meeting again in the New Year.

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    Josie Cunningham Left With Black Eye And Split Lip After Being Beaten Up In The Street

    Josie Cunningham has been left with a black eye and a split lip after reportedly being beaten up in the street by a ‘pro-lifer’. The Sun has shared photos of Josie after the attack by the stranger, who had sadly suffered a miscarriage and was apparently ‘furious’ that Josie had ‘boasted’ about having an abortion (for a nose job) on TV. A friend told The Sun: “About three weeks ago Josie was on her way home from shopping in Wakefield when she was attacked by a stranger in the street.