Mad Men

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    When does Fargo season 5 start on Prime Video?

    Fargo season 5 is heading our way - but what will it be about? Read on to get all the key details you need, including its plot, release date, cast and more.

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    Christina Hendricks reflects on 'Mad Men' sexism: 'Everyone wanted to ask me about my bra'

    Christina Hendricks did not have a toxic experience on the set of "Mad Men," but she wasn't a fan of some media coverage.

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    Three Reasons To Binge-Watch The Crown

    Netflix’s latest series The Crown does exactly that. Premiering to triumphant acclaim, The Crown is based on Queen Elizabeth II’s epic reign. Creator Peter Morgan (whose film credits include The Queen and Frost/Nixon) came up with the idea of The Crown while writing his 2015 Tony Award-winning play The Audience, starring Helen Mirren who starred as an elderly version of the monarch.

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    10 shameless copycat TV shows

    Shameless examples of TV shows using the same ideas, formats, and in some cases, stars. Image credits: BBC/ITV/Food Network/USA/CBS/Fox/Channel 4

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    Is Cinema Dead? Stars running to the small screen!

    The concept of movies we have known so far is doomed to change and it isn’t something we should be scared of. Over time, cinemas became seen as places for social gatherings and movies became known as their own art form. In my childhood, I mostly frequented my town’s cinema to watch the latest Disney Classic such as The Lion King or Hercules and I was starting to understand the concept of movies no longer played by real people but made of cartoons.