Gogglebox fans delighted by double baby news announced in episode

Ellie Warner and Pete Sandiford both had baby news on Gogglebox. (Channel 4)
Ellie Warner and Pete Sandiford both had baby news on Gogglebox. (Channel 4)

Gogglebox saw two of its stars share some happy news with viewers on Friday night as two different households announced they were expecting babies.

Channel 4's TV review show was packed full of good news in its most recent episode, with Ellie Warner revealing that she is pregnant - closely followed by Pete Sandiford announcing that he will become a dad for a second time.

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Both TV stars feature in the show alongside their sisters, which sees Ellie and her sister Izzi Warner watching TV together, while Pete and his sister Sophie Sandiford catch up over the week's best programmes.

Ellie and Izzi Warner
Ellie and Izzi Warner talked about their happy family news. (Channel 4)

In the last episode this series, the stars shared their announcements with their sisters and with viewers, who will next see them in 2023.

Ellie told Izzi: "I went for a scan on Saturday. That's the picture." As she handed it over, Izzi replied: "Looks like an alien."

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Fans were thrilled for Ellie, who has had a tough year after partner Nat Eddleston was involved in a serious car accident.

He broke his neck and back in the crash in March, which also left him with two collapsed lungs, so the couple's pregnancy brings them to a much happier end to the year.

Sophie and Pete Sandiford. (Channel 4)
Sophie and Pete Sandiford. (Channel 4)

Shortly afterwards in Friday's episode, the Sandifords were shown at home with Pete's adorable toddler son Jimmy sitting on his auntie Sophie's lap.

Pete shared that his wife Paige is pregnant with their second child and told little Jimmy: "Jimbers, you're going to have a little brother or sister coming. You're going to have to milk it!"

Sophie looked proud as she added: "You’re going to be a big brother."

Viewers congratulated them on the heartwarming news, with one tweeting: "Aw so happy for Ellie and Pete!"

Someone else wrote: "Congratulations to Ellie & Nat..what an exciting way to end the year."

Another fan added: "Second pregnancy announcement?! congratulations to Pete and his wife!"