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    New on Netflix UK in March 2023: Best movies and TV from Luther: The Fallen Sun to Murder Mystery 2

    Idris Elba’s DCI Luther makes his film debut on Netflix this month, while Elvis gets the animated alt-history treatment.

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  • NewsJane Howdle

    Revealed: The professions most likely to cheat on their partners

    A new poll has outed finance as the employment sector containing the most cheaters. The study of more than 5,000 women - all of whom have cheated - placed bankers, brokers, analysts and their ilk in the top spot, closely followed by pilots, flight attendants and other aviation industry professionals.

  • NewsAndy Wells

    This Is Why Cheaters Just Can’t Stop Cheating

    People who cheat in exams or games often do it again and again - and there is apparently a scientific explanation for this. In fact, they distance themselves completely from their actions, in a phenomenon called ‘unethical amnesia’. The research, conducted by a team from the Northwestern University and Francesca Gino of Harvard University, found that unethical actions by an individual became a distant memory - even though the cheating ways of others were clearly remembered.

  • NewsCharles Walford's blog

    Grandmother Who Claimed She Won The Lottery Could Still Earn A Million - Says Man Who Helped ‘White Dee’

    Susanne Hinte was in hiding last night after the real holder of the second winning ticket came forward after days of speculation. Miss Hinte, a 48-year-old German grandmother from Worcester, had claimed she put her ticket through a washing machine, and produced one that still showed the winning numbers – but crucially not the date on which it was bought, or the its ID number.

  • NewsRachel Pilcher

    Made In Chelsea’s Louise Thompson: ‘I Don’t Think Spencer Matthews Has Feelings’

    Louise Thompson, who’s more loved-up than Paris on Valentine’s Day with Alik Alfus, has spoken about Spencer Matthews and his new single status, after he recently split from Lauren Hutton. Explaining her views at the Full Of Life party, Louise told MailOnline she ‘wasn’t surprised at all’ by their break-up, saying: “I don’t think he has feelings, personally. Spencer and Lauren split after rumours and reports came out, claiming that Spenny had played tonsil tennis with Emma Walsh after a night

  • NewsRachel Pilcher

    Hollyoaks’ Stephanie Waring ‘Devastated’ After Discovering Rick Shore Cheated On Her

    After posting a video of herself kicking apology flowers from boyfriend Rick Shore, the reason behind Hollyoaks’ Stephanie Waring’s anger has been revealed. It’s reported that poor Steph has been left ‘devastated’ after discovering Rick cheated on her during their one-month romance. Earlier this week, the 36-year-old showed her ex what she REALLY thought about his attempt at an apology, tweeting and deleting a video showing her kicking his bouquet of flowers down the garden.

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