Made In Chelsea’s Louise Thompson: ‘I Don’t Think Spencer Matthews Has Feelings’

We’re currently experiencing Made In Chelsea withdrawal symptoms while we wait for the new series to start. Seriously, hurry up guys.

However, just because they’re not sloshing their posh wine and expensive caviar all over our TV screens (err, yeah), that doesn’t mean everything’s quiet on King’s Road, Chelsea.


Louise Thompson, who’s more loved-up than Paris on Valentine’s Day with Alik Alfus, has spoken about Spencer Matthews and his new single status, after he recently split from Lauren Hutton.

Explaining her views at the Full Of Life party, Louise told MailOnline she ‘wasn’t surprised at all’ by their break-up, saying: “I don’t think he has feelings, personally.

“He was actually round my house a few days after. It was when Alec was in town, and he invited him over because he wanted to see him like everyone else. And he was there just explaining everything so nonchalantly.”



She added: “I think he thinks of me as a little sister. I think he feels bad about hurting me and stuff, but he’ll always hold a soft spot for me but in a sweet way.”

Spencer and Lauren split after rumours and reports came out, claiming that Spenny had played tonsil tennis with Emma Walsh after a night at Mahiki, London.

Louise also gave her thoughts on how Spencer acted towards the end of his relationship with Lauren, revealing: “[It was] as if none of it ever existed… as if he doesn’t really care about anyone.”

However, she hasn’t spoken to Lauren after the big split, admitting: “What’s funny is she messages every other person from the show, but not me; all the other girls, but not me.”


At the time of Spencer and Lauren’s split a source has told MailOnline that the model was ‘disgusted’ by her former flame’s actions and had no clue that he had been with somebody else.

'Lauren had absolutely no idea Spencer had been with another girl. She only found out when she was told about the pictures of them kissing and is devastated. He was with her like normal the same night it happened and she feels totally mugged off.’

Louise was speaking as she enjoyed a taste of Croatia at the Full Of Life party held on a floating island on London’s River Thames on Thursday last week.

Opting for a preppy yet chic look for the night she ware a blue jumper featuring the slogan 'kiss me quick’, which she paired with a white shirt and a black skater skirt.

Opting for a natural look, the English rose wore her brunette mane in a loose centre-parting; while she opted for a minimal pallet of make-up which showcased her pretty features to perfection.