How I Met Your Mother

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    The best Valentine’s Day TV episodes

    It's the day to celebrate love, and for those enjoying the holiday at home there are several shows with specials to revisit like New Girl to Modern Family.

    6-min read
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    'How I Met Your Father' review: A familiar sitcom that counts on nostalgia

    How I Met Your Father aspires to greatness by standing on the shoulders of Friends.

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    After the success of the Gilmore Girls revival Scrubs and How I Met Your Dad eye their own returns

    After the success of ‘Gilmore Girls’s’ return over on Netflix last month it was always likely that more shows that were previously dormant and assumed over would suddenly seek their own revival. It’s not just ‘Gilmore Girls’ that has found success on a different platform after previously being cancelled on the small-screen. ‘Arrested Development’ came back for a fourth season back in 2012, as did Full House and Bob Odenkirk and David Cross’ sketch show ‘W/ Bob & David’ and ‘The Killing’. To st

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    9 American TV comedies on Netflix to get you through the Summer

    Here’s a selection of the best American TV comedies on Netflix to watch this Summer. While not always suitable for youngsters, the ruder jokes are subtle and these are certainly more PG than the other shows Netflix has to offer. Follow the lives of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore as they cope with overbearing family, relationships and living in a town where everyone knows everything about everybody else.

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    10 Unforgettable Moments From How I Met Your Mother

    Over its nine season run, How I Met Your Mother gave us some pretty epic laughs and heartbreaks. From ‘the pineapple incident’ to Ted being dumped by Stella and Lily breaking up with Marshall, the show revelled in iconic moments that will always stick with fans. Ted’s (Josh Radnor) never-ending story of how he met his wife hit some bumps in the road but overall, it was a joy ride that was filled with the some of the sweetest and thoughtful moments from its entire cast of characters. Here are t

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    10 Things Teen Dramas Told Us About America

    From their ever-popular teen dramas, British fans knows that America is an utterly strange world, even though it’s only across the pond. From our obsessive, repeated viewings of shows like Dawson’s Creek, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and One Tree Hill, we know all there is to learn about the country.

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    Is Cinema Dead? Stars running to the small screen!

    The concept of movies we have known so far is doomed to change and it isn’t something we should be scared of. Over time, cinemas became seen as places for social gatherings and movies became known as their own art form. In my childhood, I mostly frequented my town’s cinema to watch the latest Disney Classic such as The Lion King or Hercules and I was starting to understand the concept of movies no longer played by real people but made of cartoons.