After the success of the Gilmore Girls revival Scrubs and How I Met Your Dad eye their own returns

Zach Braff wants Scrubs to return
[Image via NBC]

After the success of ‘Gilmore Girls’s’ return over on Netflix last month it was always likely that more shows that were previously dormant and assumed over would suddenly seek their own revival.

It’s not just ‘Gilmore Girls’ that has found success on a different platform after previously being cancelled on the small-screen. ‘Arrested Development’ came back for a fourth season back in 2012, as did Full House and Bob Odenkirk and David Cross’ sketch show ‘W/ Bob & David’ and ‘The Killing’.

But it would now appear that two more shows, each of which have their own fervent cult audiences but came to an end several years ago, want to join in this renaissance. To start with Zach Braff has insisted that he would love to reprise his role as JD on ‘Scrubs’, especially because the recent chatter surrounding the ‘Gilmore Girls’s’ return has made him a little jealous.

Braff was taking part in a Twitter Q&A when he made the revelation. After being asked whether the show would return in the near future, Braff responded, “You never know, it’s something we all talk about.”Braff then added, “I’m very jealous of all this ‘Gilmore Girls’ attention, and ‘Full House’, so we talk about it every now and then.”

How I Met Your Father back in development
[Image via CBS]

Meanwhile, ‘How I Met Your Father’, a spiritual spin-off to ‘How I Met Your Mother’, is once again in development, with Issac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger developing the pilot over at 20th TV. They will be hoping that it has more success than ‘How I Met Your Dad’, which was written by ‘HIMYM’ creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, as well as ‘Saturday Night Live’ alumni Emily Spivey, and was all set to star Greta Gerwig, but was dropped by CBS after its pilot.

CBS, which aired ‘How I Met Your Mother’s’ entire nine season run, don’t have a first option for ‘How I Met Your Father’, which means that other networks will be bidding for the spec script. Because of the success of the ‘Gilmore Girls it’s more than likely that one will take a punt not just on ‘HIMYF’ but will soon start inundating Zack Braff and the ‘Scrubs’ team with offers, too.