Hugo Speer

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    The Full Monty: Cast, reviews and trailer as Disney+ series is released

    Robert Carlyle returns as Gaz 25 years after the hit film was released.

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    'The Full Monty' star Hugo Speer denies misconduct after reboot sacking

    Speer played Guy in the 1997 classic comedy.

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    The Musketeers: The one where they broke our hearts. Twice. *Spoilers*

    Treville - named Regent by the dying King - confirms what we’ve all known through all three series: He’s badass but importantly, damn clever with it. The opening credits haven’t even rolled when Louis succumbs to his illness, the light hearted banter with Treville and d’Artagnan making way for the Queen’s grief and a four poster bed in the middle of the Louvre. Treville leaps into action though, entrusting Athos with the safety of the new King, much to the Queen’s distress - she doesn’t know w

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    The Musketeers: Paris has become a grimauld place *SPOILERS*

    Episode two continues to set up some delicious head to heads as the baddies step up their bullying of the peasants in Paris. Treville could take Feron any day of the week, we know that, but it’s fun to see Hugo Speer and Rupert Everett trading intellectual blows as they battle to convince the French equivalent of the DPP to support their own argument over the detained refugees.

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    The Musketeers: Reunited, and it feels so good

    Straight into battle, with Athos (Tom Burke) leading the charge, and the action doesn’t let up for the hour. The trademark BurkeSmirk made an appearance as Athos eavesdropped. Porthos (Howard Charles) wasn’t quite so quick to forgive, cold shouldering Aramis to begin with.