‘Cannabis Cafe’ To Open In Manchester Selling Medical Marijuana

It will sell oil made in Holland


Britain’s first ‘cannabis cafe’ will open in Manchester - selling medical marijuana in the form of an oil made in Holland.

It’s the brainchild of cannabis campaigner Colin Davies, who hopes to open a ‘social club’ where people can use medicinal extracts.

The oil he sells will not get people stoned, he promises.

It contains ‘cannabidiol’ (CBD), a chemical from cannabis which campaigners claim helps with diseases including cancer and Crohn’s disease.

Crucially, the oil doesn’t contain any THC, the chemical in cannabis which causes the high.

Davies said, ‘‘It’s legal, it’s good stuff and it works.

‘The oil is extracted from an industrial plant in Germany. We have people filling it into bottles, branding it and bringing it over. We’ve already sold quite a bit in England.’

‘You’re not going to get high on it. It’s medicinal.

‘It helps with all kinds of things likes epilepsy, cancer and Crohn’s disease.’