'Waterfall Of Fog' Falling Downwards Over Cliff Caught on Camera In Iceland

Chris Parsons
News Editor

This surreal scene appears to show a 'river of fog' tumbling like a waterfall over an Icelandic cliff edge.

Amazing footage shows an eerie sheet of mist rolling gently downwards over the precipice in Latrabjarg, Europe's largest bird cliff in Iceland's southern West Fjords.

Kjartan Gunnsteinsson caught the bizarre phenomenon during Iceland's summer solstice, where the sun remains in the sky for a full 24 hours.

Kjartan insists the spooky footage is genuine, and has since posted it online.

He said: 'When I first put the pictures online, people said they were fake. But I can assure you this waterfall of fog is a 100 per cent genuine. Therefore I have decided to add the video as well to prove it.'

Although moving slowly, the spectacular fog waterfall scene was repeated all the way along the cliff edge and watched by Gunnsteinsson and a small group of friends.

The West Fjords are the wildest and most rugged corner of an already wild and rugged country.

Fewer than 7,500 people live scattered throughout its 22,000 square kilometres, making it the least populated section of inhabitable Iceland.

Phenomenon: The fog waterfall in Iceland. (CEN)
Kjartan Gunnarsson insists the footage is genuine. (CEN)
Dramatic: The fog appears to flow downhill over a cliff edge. (CEN)