007: Road to a Million cast faced their 'biggest fears' for James Bond reality show: 'I was terrified!'

The show premieres on Prime Video on Friday, 10 November

Watch: The 007: Road to a Million cast discuss their experience on the reality show

The 007: Road to a Million cast were forced to face their “biggest fears” on the reality series, they reveal to Yahoo UK.

Prime Video’s new show takes inspiration from the James Bond franchise, putting nine pairs of ordinary people through difficult challenges in a bid to win a £1m — with Brian Cox acting as The Controller of their respective adventures.

The series tests their wits, their skills, and their willingness to go through dangerous scenarios in order to win prize money that grows incrementally with each correct question answered. But, couple Kamara and Josh and brothers Joey and James explain that it was no easy task.

“I was literally facing the biggest fears of my life,” Josh Ali says when referring to a task that saw his wife Kamara Davis climb a crane by herself to retrieve one of their questions.

007: Road to a Million (Prime Video)
Husband and wife pair Kamara and Josh had to scale a massive crane in order to retrieve one of their questions on 007: Road to a Million (Prime Video)

“I have a massive fear of heights and they literally profiled me, like I was just terrified, excited and [I had] adrenaline all mixed together constantly all the time.”

Kamara adds: “Both of us were like,’ oh, there's only one [harness]. What do you mean there's only one?’

“I was expecting him to come up, both of us do it together, but then I know that he's got a really bad fear of heights so, to be honest, it probably is better.

“Even though [I was] scared as well, I was really scared to go up, but I did feel safe, it was a weird one.”

“I just wanna say I did feel guilty about sending her off,” Josh adds.

“I was thinking, ‘Oh my God, what have I done? I've just sent the mother of my children to face this’, it was crazy.”Josh Ali

Brothers Joey and James Bone had similar experiences during the course of making the show, revealing they felt compelled to continue with one challenge in Brazil because of the crew.

“You wanna give the best representation of yourself to each other,” Joey says.

“Don't wanna let him down and vice versa, and you just don't want the adventure to end, you don't know what's coming but you know it's gonna be pretty tricky either way.

007: Road to a Million (Prime Video)
Brothers Joey and James Bone struggled with the difficulty of climbing a mountain in Brazil for 007: Road to a Million (Prime Video)

"We had to climb Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio, now we've done it, it was amazing but it was about… 36 degrees that day."

James adds: "It was hard, and we trekked through the Amazon for three days before that.

“We've landed on Copacabana beach, blazing temperatures and it's like, ‘right, you've gotta get to the top of that.’ And it's like, ‘whoa, hold on a minute.’

“This is tough, this is physically tough and obviously [you’re] physically tired, you're affected mentally, but you've got to have your wits about you when you're climbing a mountain… It's dicey.”James Bone

Joey goes on: “To be honest, one of the main things that got us through, as well as just not wanting to fail miserably, […was] every time we were throwing a few F-bombs in [while] climbing up we turned around and there was the cameraman, with a massive camera, also climbing up the mountain.

“You know, we [thought] we're letting the side down here, come on, son. Get yourself together. We got to push through.”

Building a bond

007: Road to a Million (Prime Video)
James (L) and Joey (R) grew closer as siblings thanks to their experiences on the reality series (Prime Video)

Even with the hardships they faced, the quartet tell Yahoo UK that the experience made their relationships stronger than ever before.

For Joey and James, it strengthened their familial connection, with the former saying: “Since coming off the show we spoke about, we've always been relatively close, there is a 6 year age gap, we know a lot of the same friends and stuff from growing up.

“We've always had a bond in that sense. But, we live slightly different lives in other ways as well, I guess like any sibling.

“I think doing this has brought us even closer, we've always been mates but we're really mates [now].”Joey Bone

Joey adds: “Those little trials and tribulations I guess that's when you really find out not just about each other, but about yourself as well.

007: Road to a Million (Prime Video)
Joey said the show's challenges helped them "really find out not just about each other, but about [themselves] as well." (Prime Video)

“And, you know, a little bit of patience that we both needed in certain areas and obviously to spur each other on.

“I think you know as it panned out, we just had a good crack as well.”

Kamara and Josh felt similarly about their experience, with the latter sharing: “Not knowing where you're going #1 is amazing. That was, honestly, one of my best bit, I'm not gonna lie. Like not knowing where we're going, 'Oh My God,'

"[There were] cabs waiting for you at 6 AM and then a chaperone meets you, they take away your phones and then you get to a location where you're kind of guessing, you know, just us spending hours on end on that.”Josh Ali

007: Road to a Million (Prime Video)
Josh shared that their favourite part of being on the reality show was not knowing where they'd be taken or what they'd have to do (Prime Video)

Josh goes on, “You don't have Google at your disposal or anything so it's just constantly trying to think ‘right, OK. Bond went here. Bond went there'"

"So every time we [were] always looking like where did Bond go? Where's the place [where it’s] been shot?" Kamara adds, with Josh chiming in: “We're trying to figure it out but we never guessed right, though.”

Kamara shared that every location they visited for the show has been on their "bucket list", with Josh adding: “Every single place was special, every single one.”

007: Road to a Million premieres on Friday, 10 November on Prime Video

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