10 Fun Facts About the ‘Brady Bunch’ House That Might Surprise You

HGTV renovated the iconic California home in a four-part series, titled 'A Very Brady Renovation,' in 2019

<p>Courtesy Everett Collection</p>

Courtesy Everett Collection

Although The Brady Bunch ended in 1974 — and the movie came out in 1995 — the beloved sitcom’s legacy lives on decades later.

The home from the iconic series was purchased and renovated by HGTV in 2019, before it was sold to art collector and property owner Tina Trahan this year. Since fans have been dying to know more about the widely treasured Brady Bunch home — here are 10 weird facts about it.

<p>Anthony Barcelo</p>

Anthony Barcelo

Renovating the Brady Bunch home took HGTV 9,000 hours. 

The renovation added 2,000 square feet onto the back of the Brady Bunch house, according to The Los Angeles Times.

This included the addition of a second story (so it seems that the stairs in the renovated house are, in fact, real). Jasmine Roth recounted in an interview with the Orange County Register that the stairs on the set of the show were fake, and all the kids had to crowd at the top of the stairs during certain scenes. But when emulating the floating stairs IRL, one step had to be removed to preserve the angle of the staircase.

The renovation also added two extra bedrooms — which altogether, took 9,000 hours of work.

All interior shots of the home in the Brady Bunch TV series and in the movie took place on a set.

Even though HGTV’s renovation made the Studio City home look completely identical to the abode from the iconic sitcom, It was only used for exterior shots, Trahan told PEOPLE in a September interview.

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Nothing in the house actually works.

While speaking with PEOPLE, Trahan also revealed that any and all appliances in the house are fully decorative, and don’t actually function.

"None of the appliances work . . . The range doesn't work, the stove doesn't work, the oven doesn't work. There's literally nothing,” she said. “Nothing is functioning. It's all decorative. So I think that's pretty funny. You couldn't make anything if you wanted to."

<p>Ryan Lahiff for Eklund/Gomes</p>

Ryan Lahiff for Eklund/Gomes

Neighbors in the North Hollywood neighborhood were “fuming” when they found out about HGTV’s project. 

A 2018 article from TMZ noted that neighbors of the Brady Bunch home were in an uproar about possible construction noise, traffic, tourists, production trucks, and more.

Maureen McCormick, who played Marcia in the original Brady Bunch TV series, almost bought the Brady Bunch home.

That’s right!  Trahan met and discussed the house with the neighbors and architect, and found that after helping during the renovation process, our beloved Marcia almost bought the abode.

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The zigzag walkway remained intact through the remodel. 

And it’s still there! Trahan also learned that the home even still has postmarks from where the prior owners had installed a gate at one point. Stars who visited the Brady family (including Davy Jones, Desi Arnaz Jr., and Joe Namath) were walking up that same walkway that remains there today.

The backyard was — and still is — made up of artificial grass. 

Yes, and the Brady kids used to “mow” it, in episodes such as "Dear Libby" and "Confessions, Confessions."

The house is filled with Brady family Easter eggs. 

Trahan noted that Alice’s recipe is still up on the chalkboard from the episode “Click,” and the newspaper article about Peter from “The Hero” (when Peter saved a little girl in a toy store) is still there, too

The horse sculpture at the bottom of the staircase, which was in several shots on the show, was always facing different ways.

Sometimes the horse stood facing up the stairs, and sometimes it stood facing away from the stairs.

<p>Anthony Barcelo</p>

Anthony Barcelo

HGTV’s holiday special in A Very Brady Renovation included a little studio magic. 

The “snow” outside the Los Angeles home was not, in fact, real — Trahan found it was actually 95 degrees in August that day, when all six of the Brady kids reunited in the front yard.

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