10 National 5 questions to see if you'd pass school exam today

Rows or plain single student desks or table arranged in order for major school examinations or exams.
Think you got what it takes to answer these past exam questions? -Credit:Getty Images/iStockphotos

Whether students want to hear it or not, exams season is just around the corner.

While this news will leave many adults having stress-dreams of tests gone by, others may be wondering how they would fare if they were to sit such exams today. If you fall into the latter category, we have just the quiz for you.

This week's Daily Record quiz features questions that you'll likely find on National 5 or GSCE exam papers and while they are usually aimed at 14 to 16 year-olds - they may leave you scratching your head.

if you weren't a fan of school, you can act as quizmaster and put your friends to the test at the pub. Or if you're having a quiet weekend, you can get the family together for a fun quiz night - you may even help any future exam sitters prepare for upcoming tests.

From geography to biology, maths and physical education, all questions below have been asked through the years and if you think you've got the brains to solve them - it's time to give them a go.

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Best of luck and let us know how you get on in the comments below.

If you can't see the quiz below, click on this link to take part.