These 10 popular beaches may disappear because of climate change

Looking for a last-minute getaway this winter? You might want to check out one of these 10 beaches. Sadly, it might be your last chance ever.

Climate change isn't just about melting glaciers or intensifying hurricanes -- the plight is also threatening to erode shorelines around the globe.

Some governments have tried desperately to prevent this from happening. Because of the coastline degradation and coral bleaching, Thai officials have been striving to ban tourists from visiting the popular beach hotspot Koh Tachai since 2016.

More well known destinations like Saint Lucia are under the threat of rising sea levels, while the Maldives are predicted to soon be "uninhabitable." Big Sur, California, is at risk for constant mud slides, while research has proven that the rising of waters in South Florida has tripled over the last ten years.

Watch the video above to learn about some of the most endangered beaches in the world.

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