10 reasons why we STAN Pedro Pascal to celebrate his birthday

Pedro Pascal on Undressed; on Strange Way of Life; attending the 75th Emmy Awards with Lux Pascal
Pedro Pascal on Undressed; on Strange Way of Life; attending the 75th Emmy Awards with Lux Pascal

Who doesn’t love Pedro Pascal?! Come on, now!

Pedro Pascal on Undressed; on Strange Way of Life; attending the 75th Emmy Awards with Lux Pascal
Pedro Pascal on Undressed; on Strange Way of Life; attending the 75th Emmy Awards with Lux Pascal

MTV; Sony Pictures Classics; Getty Images

Pedro Pascal is turning 49 years old today, Apr. 2, 2024, and we’re here to celebrate one of the most popular, talented, and charismatic actors in Hollywood who never fails to showcase his allyship to the LGBTQ+ community!

From early appearances on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, MTV’s Undressed, and The Good Wife, to his breakout characters on Game of Thrones, Narcos, and Kingsman: The Golden Circle, to his A-list starring roles on The Mandalorian, The Last of Us, and Wonder Woman 1984, there’s so much to love about Pascal.

We don’t really need a reason so stan the Strange Way of Life heartthrob even more… but here we are! And you’re welcome.

Scroll through to see our favorite moments from Pedro Pascal over the years!

Pedro’s bisexual baddie character on ‘Game of Thrones.’

The first introduction of Pascal to global mainstream audiences took place on Game of Thrones, where he played the character of Oberyn Martell. The character was bisexual and had quite a few steamy scenes involving other men, which had the fans losing their damn minds.

When he played a twink on the MTV series ‘Undressed.’

In 1999 — many years before he became a world-renowned superstar and the internet’s daddy — Pascal played a gay character named Greg on MTV’s Undressed. In hindsight, it’s wild to watch Pascal looking that young and playing a twink expressing himself on a show from MTV. But it just makes us love him and his career even more!

Pedro’s gay cowboy character in ‘Strange Way of Life.’

Pascal played a gay cowboy, Silva, in the 2023 short film Strange Way of Life by filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar. In the movie, his character had a complicated love story with Sheriff Jake (played by Ethan Hawke). The Gay Yeehaw Agenda is alive and well, and Strange Way of Life was definitely a milestone for this ongoing era of queer country references. Oh, and did we mention that the film gives us a peek at Pascal’s behind?

Pedro has a ‘lethal’ protectiveness over his sister Lux.

During an interview with Esquire, Pedro opened up about his trans sister, Lux Pascal, who’s also an actress. “"I wouldn’t want to speak on her behalf, but she is and has always been one of the most powerful people and personalities I’ve ever known,” the actor told the publication. “My protective side is lethal, but I need her more than she needs me.”

When his pairing with Colman Domingo broke the internet.

The 2024 Hollywood Issue of Vanity Fair featured a star-studded cast of celebrities divided into pairs of two. Pascal’s partner for the cover was Academy Award nominee Colman Domingo, and let’s just say that this duo broke the internet as soon as photos and videos of them posing together were shared on social media.

When Pedro celebrated Pride Month with an iconic picture of Lil Nas X.

“Happy Pride y’all,” Pascal wrote on Instagram as he shared a picture of Lil Nas X from the “Call Me By Your Name” music video. He also added #NeverForget to the caption, which definitely lets us know how much he loved that song and music video. We have to stan, babes.

This story about Bella Ramsey and Pedro filming ‘The Last of Us.’

In an interview with The Independent, Bella Ramsey noted that their The Last of Us costar Pascal has been “super supportive” in their conversations about gender and sexuality. “They weren’t always deep. They could be funny and humorous, the whole spectrum. We were just very honest and open with each other,” Ramsey added.

When Pedro shared this selfie with ‘Drag Race’ winner Monét X Change.

It’s been long documented that Pedro is a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and he definitely showed that side of him when he ran into Monét X Change in New York City, asked for a picture, and shared it on Instagram. “Look what happens when you rush home from the theater!!!!!!! We order sandwiches from the same bodega,” he wrote in the caption.

When Oscar Isaac and Pedro paused an interview to talk about ‘Drag Race.’

Once upon a time, Pascal starred in a movie called Triple Frontier with costar Oscar Isaac. But when asked in an interview about what they were watching on Netflix in the UK, Isaac replied that he had been binge-watching Drag Race. Pascal then revealed the then-recent story of him running into Monét X Change in middle of NYC, and Isaac was very excited to hear everything.

When he gave ‘Drag Race’ winner Sasha Colby a shoutout on Instagram.

“Eat your heart out,” Pascal wrote in an Instagram story featuring the legendary winner of Drag Race season 15, a.k.a. MOTHER, Sasha Colby. He is fully tuned-in when it comes to Mama Ru’s universe, and it’s just adorable!