10 times David and Victoria Beckham humiliated Brooklyn on social media

It’s safe to say that Brooklyn Beckham is one of the coolest teenagers on the planet right now.

His dad is none other than trendy, gorgeous, former professional footballer David Beckham, his mum is beautiful, stylish, esteemed fashion designer Victoria Beckham and he basically wants for nothing.

He considers Kanye West one of his actual acquaintances, he is at every popular music festival going, and he divides his time between his family home in London and his family home in Los Angeles – if he’s not on a luxury holiday that is.

In short, we definitely wouldn’t have minded his lifestyle back when we were 17.

However, being Brooklyn Beckham appears to come at a cost, with the aspiring photographer quickly learning that having parents with millions of social media followers doesn’t make life easy.

In fact, if David’s stunt from last week is anything to go by, there’s not a lot that Brooklyn can do to avoid his embarrassing parents.

Here are some of the most cringetastic social media moments that poor Brooklyn has ever been subjected to at the hands of his parents – enjoy: